Vero Schürr


Vero Schürr works as an independent scholar and narrative design consultant at the intersection of architecture and art. Her work focuses on narratives, usually in a spatial context, on socio-political and critical design issues that she develops for theatre productions, exhibitions or corporations. Vero qualified as a space & design strategist in Linz and Politecnico di Milano and as designer of narrative environments at Central Saint Martins in London, both at M.A. level, having initially trained as a professional graphic designer in Vienna prior to this. Vero developed ways of applying the narrative to spaces and using storyboards for design experiences. The collaborative aspect, especially for the project in China, showed the importance of this approach in a wider context and proved her quality for conceptual strategies. A project in George, South Africa and Linz Austria, where she was part of a team designing a large-scale spectacle for an event with over 80,000 visitors, was among the most influential to her way of thinking and working was. She has gained further experience by being very concise in her work and hands-on production and aiming her work and teaching to a very diverse public. A very different but also influential experience was her own exhibition “tattoo vs. facade”.


SharedSpace: Spatial Curation Symposium


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