Anna Tregloan


While it spans many artistic forms, Anna Tregloan’s particular focus is on what it means to be alive and revealing what it is that makes the three dimensions of space particularly poignant in a screen-based culture. She has been privileged to have been nominated numerous times for the Greenroom, Helpman and Sydney Theatre awards and has been awarded five Greenroom Association Awards and a Helpman Award, along with the prestigious John Truscott Award for Excellence in Design for Theater. As a designer of staging and costumes for dance, theatre and circus, and a creator and director, Anna Tregloan has collaborated with a large number and eclectic mix of companies and artists including the Sydney Theatre Company, Bell Shakespeare, Ranter’s Theatre, Legs on the Wall, the Arena Theatre Company, the Melbourne Worker’s Theatre, Back to Back, Danceworks, Handspan, Chunky Move , Finucade and Smith, Lucy Guerrin Company, Belvoir Street Theatre, Force Majeure, Gertrude Street Artists Spaces, numerous productions at Malthouse Melbourne, as well as on smaller scale independent work. She is an instigating artist at the performance company The Association of Optimism.


SharedSpace: Spatial Curation Symposium, Prague


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