Lenka Novakova


Lenka Novakova is a Czech-Canadian artist living and working in Montreal. Currently a doctoral student in the Ph.D. Humanities Program, Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University, she holds a certificate in sculpture and installation from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and a Master’s degree in installation and video art from Concordia University. In pointing out the shifting agencies of ‘Scenography’ – ‘Performative Space’, she is currently exploring the increased mobility between the roles of ‘performer’, ‘spectator’, ‘space’ and ‘event’ and highlighting the need for recognizing the autonomy of performance as ‘space’ and ‘event’ contrasting with the traditions of scenography. Lenka has been an active member of Hexagram and Matralab at Concordia; she has been a recipient of numerous fellowships, awards and presents her work in Canada and abroad. She has received fellowships from The Corning Museum of Glass, Urban Glass, Vermont Studio Center or La Chambre Blanche in Quebec and the Santa Fe Art Institute. She has presented her work at Project Integral Sao Paulo-Quebec, SASC Sao Paulo, Brazil, the DMZ festival in Korea, Gallery Puls, Alvik, Norway and USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway and at the Historical Hospital Kuks in the Czech Republic.


SharedSpace: Spatial Curation Symposium, Prague


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