Imanuel Schipper


Imanuel Schipper is head of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) funded research project “Re/Occupation. Designing Public Spheres in Urban Space by Theatrical Interventions”. Between September 2009 and November 2010, he was also head of the SNSF-funded research project “Longing for Authenticity. A Critical Analysis of the Term and the Actual Practice in the Context of Contemporary Staging.” He has dealt with strategies of construction and staging for several years. He has on numerous occasions worked as a dramaturge for the theatre collective Rimini Protokoll and developed, together with the collective, a contemporary way of documentary theatre. Imanuel Schipper works on the interface between scientific research, teaching, and artistic practice. He works to analyze such terms as “theatricality,” “performativity,” “dramaturgy,” “staging,” “reception” and “mediality” – coming from his theatre studies – beyond the boundaries of the theatre, for example in design, urban design, scenography and curation. He has participated as a curator and dramaturge in theatrical/performative interventions in public spaces, including (among others) “Re-Location: Sanatorium am Schiffbau Zürich” (together with Matthias von Hartz), “City of Abstracts” (William Forsythe) and “Hot Spots –
ímoun ethó,” in Athens with Rimini Protokoll.


SharedSpace: Spatial Curation Symposium, Prague


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