Hansjörg Schmidt


Hansjörg Schmidt is a lighting designer working regularly with a group of UK-based artists and theatre companies. He is also the Program Director Lighting Design at Rose Bruford College, and his research interests lie in the area of lighting, site-specificity and narrative. Recent lighting designs: “Zero” (clod ensemble / Sadlers Wells), “Above Me the Wide Blue Sky” (fevered sleep / Young Vic Theatre), “Silver Swan (clod ensemble/Tate Modern), “An Anatomy in Four Quarters” (clod ensemble/Sadlers Wells Theatre). “On Ageing” (fevered sleep/Young Vic Theatre), “Kursk” (Sound & Fury/Young Vic), “The Forest” (fevered sleep), “Under Glass and Red Ladies” (Clod Ensemble). And with David Harradine: “Stilled, and Camera Obscura”. Other recent projects: “Kew Kitchens”, an architectural installation at Kew Palace; “The Beautiful Octopus Club” for Heart‘n Soul and the South Bank Centre, and shows for Jessica Ogden and Mika Fukkai at London Fashion Week.


SharedSpace: Spatial Curation Symposium


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