Stefania Cenean


A regular PQ participant since 1978, Stefania Cenean (RO) is the director of the scenography department at the National University of Theater Art and Cinematography in Bucharest. For the PQ11, she curated the professional, student and architectural sections. Founding her career on architectural studies at the scenography faculty at the Institute of Arts N. Grigorescu in Bucharest in (1982) and several international scholarships, she worked as scenographer at the Landestheater in Salzburg and Athanor Theater Academie Burghausen (1998-1999), Craiova Theater (1985-1996) and the National Theater in Bucharest (1999-2010). She created the scenography for Silviu Purcarete’s “The Summer Garden Dwarf”, “Titus Andronicus”, “The Danaides” and “Phaedra” with its over one hundred performances at worldwide theater festivals. She worked with Yuri Kordonsky and Andrei Serban. A winner of the first Uniter Scenography Prize and the Cultural Merit Medal in 2004, she has been a Ph.D. in Theater Arts since 2007.

SharedSpace: Spatial Curation Symposium


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