Reija Hirvikoski


Doctor of Arts Reija Hirvikoski (FIN) has been a professional Stage and Costume Designer since 1979. She studied Stage Design 1979 – 84 (Aalto Arts University/Department of Film, Television and Scenography) and her dissertation Tahdon tiellä (Where there’s a Will there’s a Way, the Role and Position of the Scenographer) was published by the University of Art and Design (Aalto Arts) Helsinki in 2005. Reija Hirvikoski has designed stages and costumes for theatre and production designs for movies and TV. She is a quest teacher and lecturer in many Finnish universities and vocational schools. Reija Hirvikoski has also taken part in many exhibitions both Finland and abroad. She was the curator of the PQ11 Finnish National Exhibition and the leader of the WSD2013 exhibition panel. Reija Hirvikoski is the chair of OISTAT Performance Design and a member of OISTAT Governing Board (2009 – 2015). She has been the president of OISTAT Centre Finland since 2005 and the president of the Trade Union for Theatre and Media Finland since 2009 and the vice president of the National Council for Theatre in Finland (2009 – 2012). Reija Hirvikoski was awarded with the state’s artist-grant for one year in 2006. In 1987 she won the Jussi award (Finnish Oscar) for visual design of the film The Snow Queen, and in September 2009, she started her five-year period as the state’s honorable Artist Professor in the field of theater (both as the first female performance designer ever in the country).

SharedSpace: Spatial Curation Symposium


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