Anne Karin ten Bosch


Anne Karin ten Bosch (NL) has worked for eighteen years as a practitioner and scenographer for numerous companies and independent theatre makers. Additionally, she has realized several performance-installations, known in The Netherlands as ‘experience theatre’ works, crossing the borders of visual arts and theatre. Between 1999 and 2010, she taught scenography at the University of Fine Arts in Groningen and she worked as a guest teacher and coach for different schools. Since 2001, she has organized several roundtables and interviews with colleagues, in an attempt to find a language to describe and reflect on the mechanisms or strategies of scenography. She is currently continuing these activities through the development of a toolkit for students and teachers of performance design. She is a co-founder of the Dutch Platform-Scenography. Since 2013, they have been searching for ways to generate and accelerate the reflection on scenography. As dramaturges and scenographers, they are searching for a language to describe specific scenographic strategies and mechanisms inside and outside theatre.

SharedSpace: Spatial Curation Symposium


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