Aby Cohen


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Aby Cohen is a Brazilian freelance scenographer/theatre designer, working for theatre, exhibition and cinema productions. She has participated in five editions of the Prague Quadrennial since 1995. At the PQ’11, she was the curator and designer for the Brazilian National Exhibition: Characters and Frontiers: Brazilian Scenographic Territory, awarded with the Golden Triga. She has had previous experience as a curator and designer in the PQ’99 for the Brazilian Thematic Section Exhibition. She is a Master in Scenic Arts/Scenography, and is currently studying for a Ph.D. focused on design practice in the intersection between Scenography+Art Instalation+Exhibition. She has developed considerable experience in working for exhibitions by getting involved in projects as such the Biennale of Arts of Sao Paulo, Biennale Mercosul, Biennale Fin Del Mundo/Patagonia, Design and Architecture Biennale, among others. She was recently awarded with the IDCA (International Communication Design Award) for another international exhibition project: MixMax Brasil, presented at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam until March 2015. Parallel to her professional practice, she is a lecturer for an M.A. Scenography program at the Faculty of Fine Arts – FBA, in Sao Paulo. A member of OISTAT since 2003, has collaborated in projects as such as Scenofest 2007 + 2011, also for WSD2013, as a Design and Performance Coordinator and in the Exhibition curatorial panel. In September 2013, she was elected Vice President of OISTAT during the World Congress, in Cardiff. Aby is the Commissioner of the Politics Exhibition for PQ15.



SharedSpace: Spatial Curation Symposium


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