Michał Libera

Michał Libera

Michał Libera, sociologist, (PhD), freelance music curator, producer and writer. His main interest is music and sound as social action. Head of conceptual-pop sublabel, Populista dedicated to music misinterpretation; co-producer of CD series dedicated to Polish Radio Experimental Studio – its archive and reinterpretations. Curator of music series such as “The Song Is You”, “Playback Play”, “Machines for Listening”, “Avant Avant Garde” held in Poland, Germany and UK. Collaborator of leading art galleries and museums (Zachęta National Gallery Of Art, National Museum in Warsaw) and theatres (komuna//warszawa, TR Warszawa). Editor of music section of Słowo / Obraz Terytoria Publishing House. Frequent collaborator of Polish Radio (Channel II) and other online radios. His essays published over last ten years have been recently collected in “Perfectly Ordinary Reality. Geography, Sociology or Metaphysics of Music” published by Krytyka Polityczna. Over last few years involved in experimental librettos for operas and lecture performances. Curator of the Polish Pavilion at 13th Venice Architecture Biennale (project awarded with a special mention). Author of number of librettos and dramaturgy for experimental operas incl. collaboration with komuna// warszawa, Joanna Halszka Sokołowska, Rinus van Alebeek, Martin Kuchen, Alessandro Facchini, Ralf Meinz, Sebastian Cichocki and others. [Photo credit: Igor Omulecki]

SharedSpace: Sound workshop, Warsaw 2014


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