Fokus Grupa


Fokus Grupa is an art collective based in Zagreb, Croatia, formed by Iva Kovač (born 1982, Rijeka) and Elvis Krstulović (born 1983, Split). They’ve beenworking together since 2005, since2012 under the name “Fokus Grupa”.

Their practice is collaborative and interdisciplinary. They work across art, design and curating. Their artistic strategies take political shape, without becoming a representational form of “political art”; realized trough exhibitions (exhibited in Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Austria, USA, Russia, Sweden, Greece, UK, and Korea), interventions in public space, publications, writings, lectures and discussions. Fokus Grupa concentrates on the relations between art and its public manifestations, in terms of working culture, aesthetics and social and economic values exchange. Their work investigates the inherent power structures of the art-system. To this effect, they explore its economic, spatial and legal implementations. The collective tries to expand the boundaries of their artwork, using printed matter, films and installations, works on paper, discussions, workshops and texts.

FG in collaboration with Nataša Tepavčević conducted interviews and published texts about the paradigm of the ‘Eastern’ artist [Distribution of Knowledge, 2008]. FG is exploring the discourse of the West Balkan nationalisms of the 1990’s as a sexualized discourse [Darling, Sorry for Not Writing Earlier, 2011]. Sexuality as discourse is further developed in the artist book [Perfect Lovers (2002 – 2012)]. December 2013, Fokus Grupa co-edits and co-publishes the Politics of Feelings / Economies of Love publication, with Irena Borić & Loose Associations. Fokus grupa co-curates the Gallery SIZ program from 2012.

SharedSpace: Retreat Riga, 2014


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