Tim Etchells


Etchells is the artistic director of Forced Entertainment, an experimental theatre group with a core of six artists, based in Sheffield, England, and founded in 1984. His work is diverse, moving from a base in performance into visual art and fiction. In performance and in art practice his work is often concerned with liveness and presence, with the unfolding of events in time and place. At the centre of many of the projects there is a fascination with rules and systems in language and in culture, on the way these systems are both productive and constraining. Many of the projects also stage or imply an event, an idea, or an object that is at the same time unravelled and assembled. The mechanisms and economies of this process – of exposure and concealment, construction and deconstruction, appearance and disappearance – are at the heart of what he does.

SharedSpace: SpaceLab tip


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