Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood protests against detainment greenpeace activists

Using her iconic fashion status as a platform to express her concerns over drastic environmental issues, Westwood has been sharing ideas of sustainability and global responsibility for years. For her SS14 Red Label show Vivienne collaborated with her long-time muse Lily Cole to create a film and live performance inspired by the growing number of people losing their homes because of natural disasters. The film is based on the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale of “The Red Shoes” and features Lily dancing in a variety of Westwood pieces (including the beautiful sustainable rubber dress designed specifically for her to wear to the Met Gala). The film highlights human rights issues raised by the Environmental Justice Foundation, whose postcard project focussing on the importance of home has also been hugely influential for them both.

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3D printing


3D printing has been a technology that has become a new way of creating things. This past year it has been more and more explored. We think that we, as scenographers, should look a new ways to create our designs. 3D printing is one of these new ways. We think that in a workshop we can learn what we can do with this new technology and how to use it in the theatre.

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Levi van Veluw


Levi van Veluw (born in 1985) is a young Dutch artist who creates multi-disciplinary work. Often he uses his body as his canvas, creating many different sculptures. We think that from his view a workshop can be created. What can you do with your body as a canvas and with different materials?

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Daan Roosegaarde


Daan Roosegaarde (born 1979) is a Dutch artist. His work ranges from fashion to architecture. With his technology he creates innovative designs that are staged all over the world. He has got studios in the Netherlands and China. Because of his work we can explore scenography in new ways. Not only the spaces he creates can give inspiration, but also the things he creates with fashion will give is a new view on costumes.

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Jaap Scheeren


Jaap Scheeren (born 1979) is a Dutch photographer. Within his work he creates surreal, poetic and sometimes even absurdist. He shows us estranged scenes from a fantasy world. Also, he uses a great variety of materials and visual media to give his work form. All of his works are staged. As an artist he’s the one in charge and stages everything in front of his camera. We think his view on the world and his subjects very interesting and innovative. On one hand he’s working towards a single image, where scenography is more focused on a longer timeframe. But on the other hand we think it’s interesting to see those differences alongside of the similarities.

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Erwin Wurm


Erwin Wurm (born 1954) is an Austrian artist, focussing mainly on sculptures and photography. He is known for his humorous and bizarre works. He tends to approach the human body as an object within his work. Wurm’s sarcastic, humorous view on the world and his method of working are very interesting. Also the way he uses the human body in his works are innovative.

One Minute Sculptures (late 1980’s) is an ongoing series by Erwin Wurm, in which he poses himself or his models in unexpected relationships with everyday objects. With this he tries to question the very defnition of sculpture. In line with this idea there are some interesting possibilities to create a workshop in which people have to become part of a sculpture within one minute time. This method forces people to change their view towards everyday objects like brooms, buckets or a chair, which we think is brilliant in itself. The human body as an object or a part of a sculpture instead of being a person or an entity.

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Eric Linder

Eric Linder

Eric Linder – composer of Irish origin. Under the alias Polar, he released 5 albums. The most recent one, “French Song” (2009) enjoyed considerable success. The song writer, whose artistic reputation extends from Europe to the United States, collaborates with arts of the stage, too. He collaborated with Compagnie 7273, a contemporary dance ensemble, on two creations; he composed the soundtrack for Estelle Héritier’s choreography A5, he wrote the score for many of Maud Liardon and Perrine Valli’s spectacles and for two productions of National Contemporary Ballet in Korea. In 2002 during EXPO 02, together with Die Regierung, Linder staged a show entitled Halbtraum, and in 2006 he he created the “Complaints Choir”, a performance held at Bollwerk Belluard Festival. From 1994 to 2005, he was responsible for the music lineup of la Bâtie Festival, Switzerland. Since 2011, he has been the director and the music programmer of Antigel Festival, Switzerland, which features spectacles, concerts and artistic projects frequently presented in unusual locations. Recently, in august 2012, he conceived and organised – in collaboration of the city authorities – the celebrations of the Swiss National Day held in Geneva on Plaine de Plainpalais.

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