Misty Buckley

Misty Buckley is London based production designer. She’s know and awarded as a set or stagedesigner of large scale touring shows of Coldplay, Take Death or Bat for Lashes.
Buckley is also creative director of several areas of Glastonbury festival. In 2012, she was art director at London Olympics Closing Ceremony whilst simultaneously designing the Paralympics closing ceremony.

SharedSpace: Staging the Spectacular, London, 2013


Robert Kronenburg


Robert Kronenburg (born 1954, UK) is proffesor of architecture. With his name architecture is always joined with such adjectives like portable, flexible or in motion (many of them are also titles of his books, such as Portable architecture). In his case, architecture is also connected with innovative forms of theatre, film, music and design. He joined the SharedSpace gathering in London as a theorist of architecture in motion. Read more: http://robkronenburg.wordpress.com/.

SharedSpace: Staging the Spectacular, London, 2013

Es Davlin

Es Devlin

Es Davlin (born 1971, Kingston upon Thames, UK) is stage and costume designer for concerts, theatre, dance, opera and film. This award-winning designer and creative director is best known for her work with Kanye West, Pet Shop Boys or Rihanna.
Still, she’s completed Motley Theatre Design Course in London and designed for many major UK theatres, as well as for theatres and opera houses all over the world. Devlin designed the London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony.

SharedSpace: Staging the Spectacular, London, 2013

Willie Williams


Willie Williams (born 1959 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) is video director, stage- and lightdesigner for concerts and theatre. He’s best know for his cooperation with U2 that has started in early 80′.

He’s also worked with R.E.M., David Bowie or Laurie Anderson and several theatre and dance companies. Williams has also exhibited his kinetic light sculptures and has made different projections and multimedia performances on public. He was repeatedly awarded for design and lightening in last 30 years.


SharedSpace: Staging the Spectacular, London, 2013

Andi Watson


Andi Watson (born and works in UK) is light and stage designer. He’s been working with the likes of The Cure and Prince, but as a solo artist, most notably with Radiohead, Watson has re-defined what is possible in lighting and stage design with artists as diverse as Artic Monkeys, Vanessa Paradis, Lenny Kravitz, Counting Crows, Oasis and Dido.

Watson’s book Bullet Proof…I Wish I Was that was published in 2011 reflects his personal and professional relation with Radiohead, same as history of stage lightening and Watson’s work of the first decade of 21th century.

SharedSpace: Staging the Spectacular, London, 2013

Susanna Boehm



Susanna Boehm (born 1965 in Munich, DE) is set- and costume-designer. She studied set-design in Rome and passed practical training in New York. Boehm’s designed theatre and opera productions all over the world (Hamburg, Berlin, New York, Washington or Kairo).

She’s also known as author and director of documentary films (Porgy and Me, Alphonse Mucha – Art Nouveau Visionary).She’s been project manager of Bregenz Opera Festival for 14 years.


SharedSpace: Staging the Spectacular, London, 2013