gram in phon

We stand in a meadow.
The sleepy swaying to and fro of the grass lures us into a planted itinerary in motion. As we make our way along this undulating footpath, we come across an expanse of plants, bathed in changing colours and light. Here the rural outing suggests the lightness of spring, there the generosity of summer and yonder the mildness of autumn.
A breathing structure, rising up from the soil, whose arch seems eroded, sculpted, by the breeze, provides a space in which visitors can experience new sensations. From the damp earth to the gentle darkness, the senses of smell, touch and hearing are called on in an altogether extraordinary way.
An unprecedented concert awaits in the centre of the arch.
Are the sounds animal? Plant? Aquatic? Mineral? A series of receptors dotted about the garden pick up the sounds of the grass and prick visitors’ ears up to its gentle melody.
A grass song fills our ears.
As we leave this musical chamber, our ears still ringing with the phonic exploration of this meadow, our awareness of the actual space around us will be heightened. This experience inspires a deeper, closer contemplation of the landscape. Our imagination will be sparked.

Garm(in)ophone can currently (ending 20.Oct.2013) be seen at International Gardens Festival of Chaumont-sur-Loire, France. 


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