Lotte van den Berg

Lotte van den Berg

Lotte van den Berg is a Dutch director who has become one of the most important protagonists of her generation, making theatre that is radically entrenched in its social setting. Her productions include Het Blauwe uur, Gerucht, Braakland and Les Specateurs. Many of them are about looking, about real-life experiences and, often, about the difficulty of understanding. She turns reality on its head so that we start to see things differently, or to start look differently. She gave up her position as a director at Toneelhuis Antwerp in Belgium to start OMSK, her own company in the small city of Dordrecht in the Netherlands, where she began by involving her immediate surroundings and at the same time, working for several months in Kinshasa, the capital of Congo. Now, Lotte is about to reinvent herself again in Utrecht as one of the resident artists at Huis aan de Werf. Her most recent work Pleinvrees will be created in the open: ‘Pleinvrees [agrophobia] will be performed on a big square in the centre of town and it will look nothing like anything you’ve ever seen in a performance before. There’s no set, no lighting design, no amplified sound and no seating. Pleinvrees is a happening, a remarkable encounter between people.’

SharedSpace:  Zlomvaz, Prague 2012 (Workshopleader)


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